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This is a support website to accompany the popular PIC book series The PIC Microcontroller: Your Personal Introductor Course, and the PIC development enivornment Pic Press.

The PIC Microcontroller : Your Personal Introductory Course (3nd edition)
is a popular beginners' guide for the PIC microcontroller, published by Newnes and available for £12.99. Packed with examples it takes a novice through step by step exploring all the complex aspects of the device. Also useful for experienced users it has appendices full of quick reference information, as well as plenty of projects exploiting the readily re-programmable Flash PIC microcontrollers. (ISBN 0 7506 6664 1). Click here to BUY DIRECT from the publishers.
Third Edition
PIC Press
is a new piece of software specially designed to make it quick and easy to write PIC Programs. It offers many features to help the beginner write their first programs, including an extensive PIC help directory. PIC macros and built-in PIC data also make programming faster for more fluent PIC users. Colour coding, specific error messages, assemble-as-you-type, and a large numer of "PIC macros" are just a few of the ways it simplifies PIC programming. Click here to find out more.
PIC Press
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